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 Saltwater coral frags available in Canada

You can shop online or in our store. Our specialized salt water aquarium store is based out of Toronto at 588 Marlee ave.
Here you will find all the corals frags Fragbox sells. We also sell saltwater fish and ship them across Canada. To see all of the salt water fish we offer click here.  We update this site daily and add new frags twice a week. We strive to carry only the healthiest and most colorful corals across Canada. We carry sps coral frags, zoa coral frags, lps frags, soft coral and many more. We are always on the hunt for the most unique and eye catching corals. You will find salt water corals here you wont find anywhere else. Guaranteed. 

WYSIWYG =  What you see is what you get, that exact piece in the photo

C before a number e.g C49 = Colony, generally not a frag but a large piece or mother colony

FCC = Cultured Coral, sustainability grown in our coral farm in Canada. Click here to learn more about our cultured coral program.