Reef Casa Aquarium Upgrades

The Reef Casa line of aquarium is our favorite line of aquariums ! Take them to the next level with these awesome upgrades.


Get Organized

Keeps things organized and improve filtration with these custom made filter media basket.

Neat Freak

Designed for the second chamber of reef casa tanks

rfg double

Random Flow Generators 

The Reef Casa RFG simulates natural random ocean currents without any moving parts.


Super Charged Filration

Supercharge your aquariums biological filtration with these super porous bio blocks.

aquarium cover

Prevent Escapes

Pre made mesh aquarium covers to keep fish and critters where they belong.

Power Hub

Organize your wiring

filte r cover 3

Hide The Mess

These sleek modern filtration covers will hide wires and the filter.

aquarium ato resevoir

Evaporation Control 

Ato reservoirs that hide nicely behind the studio aquarium or in tight places.