Tigger-Pods Live Copepods – 6oz


Tigger Pods – Live Copepods

****** This item requires live stock shipping as they are alive and need to arrive in 1 day  *****

These live copepods are great for stocking a new reef tank or replenishing population in existing tanks. They are also great for establishing pods populations in refugium’s. They are attractive large red pods and actively swim.

Tigger-pods make the perfect live food source for picky eaters such as mandarin fish and pipefish. They breed rapidly and produce hundreds of eggs per female.

You can add live pods to any livestock order, if you want to order just these tigger pods you can not use the less expensive hardware only shipping option because they need to be shipped fast in order to ensure alive arrival.

Every bottle of tigger live copepods now comes with 50% more Tigger Pods. Guaranteed thousands per bottle!

You can pour the entire contents into your aquarium in one shot. We recommend doing this at night time so they have a chance to hide and reproduce.

We recommend one bottle for every 30-40 gallons

This item requires express shipping in winter months because its live