Clean Up Crew

clean up crew reef tank

Inverts & Clean Up Crew

A clean up crew is made up invertebrates that help to naturally control and manage nuisance algae and detritus in your home aquarium. A clean up crew is an essential part of any reef aquarium. Here you can find the invertebrates and clean up crew we carry and ship across Canada. We sell turbo snails, emerald crabs, hermit crabs and many different kinds of snails. We also sell different reef shrimp like peppermint shrimp, cleaner shrimp, blood shrimp and harlequin shrimp.

You will find rare and unusual clean up crew at Fragbox Corals that won’t find anywhere else in the country guaranteed.

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Algae Control

Hermits, snails and urchin are first line defense against algae.

scarelt hermit crab


Hermit crabs are small yet powerful algae eaters and great scavengers.

astrea snails

Clean Up Crew Snails 

Snails are the back bone of any clean up crew and must have. Variety is key.

tuxedo urchin

Sea Urchins

Algae be warned, their is a new sheriff in town.

Wonder Of The Ocean

Shrimp, starfish and other inverts bring the magic of ocean into your home aquarium.

Harlequin Shrimp

Saltwater Shrimp

A personal favorite of ours. Great scavengers with tons of personality.

red fromia starfish


Is it a star or is it a fish ? Click here to find out.

Lettuce Nudibranch


Nuidbranchs and slugs carry out specific cleaning functions in reef tanks.

The feeding tentacles of a feather duster worm (Sabellastarte sp.). Fish Rock Cave, South West Rocks, NSW


All the rare and unusual inverts your wont find anywhere else.

Feather Caulerpa

Macro Algae

Export nutrients from your tank with controller algae growth.

clean up crew packages

Clean Up Crew Packs

Bundle & Save


  • Crabs are crucial for keeping your reef tank clean
  • You can reduce and prevent nuisance algae by keeping them
  • You can combat unwanted algae by adding them
  • Diversity is important, different sizes and types of crabs for best results.


  • The back bone of your clean up crew
  • 1 snails per 2 gallons
  • Can prevent and even eradicate nuisance algae
  • Diversity again is key, different sizes and species to tackle the entire tank


  • Great all around janitor
  • Fun to watch and keep
  • One per 15-20 gallons
  • Amazing sand sifters and detritus consumers.


  • our most popular clean up crew member
  • fastest scavenger
  • cleaners can help prevent fish disease and ich

Why choose Fragbox for your reef tank cleanup crew needs

All of the reef invertebrates we ship are backed by the same arrive alive guarantee we offer on all of our corals and fish. You can shop with confidence knowing that your animals are being safely shipped by hobbyists who care with over 30+ years combined reefing experience.

We are here to help make recommendations as well. Please do not hesitate to call or email us with any reef janitor questions.

After something rare or unsual not listed here ? Let us know ! We would be happy to help track it down.