FCC Spicy Lemon Favia


Placement: Low – Medium
Light: Low – Medium
Flow: Medium
Care: Easy
Type: LPS (Encrusting Favia)
Compatibility: Slightly Aggressive
Growth Rate: Fast
Photosynthetic: Yes
Special Care: None

The spicy lemon favia if being specific is a favities, part of the favia family. It has a deep red base with glowing green, yellow poylps and blue centers, it doesn’t look like any other coral!  It grows incredibly fast and covers rock work and structures with lightening speed.  For an LPS coral, it is one of the fastest growing.  It encrusts and calcifies over rocks. This coral is easy to keep and very forgiving. Under blue led you can really appreciate how nice it is. The growth edge of the coral has some of the nicest color and is exaggerated under strong actinics.

It has a sting like most lps corals and should be given ample space to grow.  Because its a favities, it does not have distinguishable walls between polyps, they grow almost cluster like when many eyes distributed throughout the body. It is photosysenthic and has no special care requirements, although it will readily accept target feeding. For best results turn off your flow and try feeding reef roids or vitalis lps pellets.

It does best under low to medium light conditions of about par 100-150 and medium flow to ensure the body does not accumulate detritus and dead spots.

Purchase size – 3/4”-1” Frag glued to a standard frag plug

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