Acclimation Guide


The day you waited for is here, your corals have arrived.

Thank you for purchasing your livestock from Fragbox!


In the following section we cover how to acclimate your recent purchase before adding them to your aquarium.


Normal Appearance After Shipping

  • Your corals will be retracted because of shipping, it is completely normal.
  • Fish may show stress patterns
  • Inverts may be lethargic

Here are how some commonly ordered corals appear when you receive them:

Zoanthids – completely closed, purple appearance of outside flesh

Soft corals – Deflated and closed.

LPS Corals – Retracted. Hammers, torches, frogspawn will all appear to be VERY deflated. Do not be alarmed, it’s a normal shipping condition.

Hard corals – No polyp extension and slime is normal.


Many species of coral will not open for several days after introduction into their new home. Please allow several days for the coral to adapt to the new conditions in the aquarium.


Step 1. Unpack & Float

  • Cut the box open with a sharp knife or razor blade
  • Carefully remove the animals, they are underneath the packing material
  • Float the unopened bags in your aquarium or sump in order to acclimatize to temperature for 15-20 minutes


Step 2. Check for DOA

In the rare instance there are any dead or dying corals, fish or inverts please do not worry but do not throw them out. 


Our hassle free DOA policy is in place to make replacements / credits easy for you !

Just use this DOA form 

You can also reach us during normal business hours at 416-265-8481 with any questions, comments or concerns.


Step 3. Dipping Procedure

This is for corals only!

Skip this step if you have only purchase fish or inverts as they do not require dipping. Skip this step if you don’t typically dip new corals.

Dipping corals is a great way to ensure that you don’t introduce unwanted pests into your tank.

We do not recommend dipping acropora or hard corals for the first day. Dipping immediately after shipping can often lead to RTN.

Please follow the specific instructions of the dip you choose to use. We like Revive coral dip as it is very easy to use!


Step 4. Dripping

New corals, invertebrates and fish should be drip acclimated. Place them in a small container or Tupperware and slowly add your aquarium water to dilute the bag water. This will acclimatize the animals from our water to your water.  30 minutes is usually enough time with the exception of urchins, starfish and other sensitive marine life.

This is a great tool for drip acclimating 


Step 5. Placement

Fish can be introduced into the aquarium along with inverts.  Please place your new corals on the sand bed or frag rack to allow them to adjust to your light for 48 hours.


Important Tips

  • Be patient – never rush the acclimation procedure.
  • Always follow the acclimation procedure even if your new arrival appears to be dead
  • Never place an airstone into the shipping bag when acclimating your new arrival. This will increase the pH of the shipping water too quickly and expose your new arrival to lethal ammonia.
  • In some instances, your new fish will be chased and harassed by one or all of your existing tank mates.



*a quick note about water*

Your livestock has come from a normal reef tank environment. We keep all of our systems at a salinity between 0.025-0.026 SG. And aim for ALK8-9 MAG 1450+ and CA 450+ in our frag systems. This way, when you receive your shipment the bag parameters should be closer to your reef tank parameters thus making acclimation easier for you!