Green Goblin Anacropora


Green Goblin Ancaropora
(Anacropora sp.)
Placement: Middle to High
Light: Medium to High
Flow: Medium to High
Care Level: Moderate
Type: SPS
Compatibility: Peaceful
Growth Rate: Moderate
Photosynthetic: Yes

Anacorpora are relatively rare in the saltwater hobby, especially compared to their cousins Acropora. Anacropora grow in a branching pattern similar to Acropora but their growth pattern tends to be more “shrub-like”, resembling a briar patch. They are generally available in four main colours, red, green, yellow and orange. They are generally regarded as easier to keep than Acropora. As with many corals in the hobby, Anacropora are native to the Indo-Pacific region. However, as
they become more popular they are also being aquacultured. They are usually found on shallow reefs but they can also be found on reef slopes at depths of up to 80 feet. In a home tank they do best when placed on an exposed piece of rockwork where they will receive appropriate levels of light and flow. Because they are fairly fast growing, it is important to choose their initial placement carefully to ensure that they have room to grow. They have no sting
but can be stung by more aggressive corals. Like many SPS corals, Anacropora love both light and flow. They prefer a moderate to high level of light but are not quite as light demanding as Acropora. A coral that is receiving too much light may
begin to turn white and a coral that is not receiving enough light may begin to turn brown.

In terms of flow, Anacropora prefer strong, indirect flow. If possible, the flow should be randomized throughout the day. High levels of flow are important to keep the coral free of detritus and also to bring food to the polyps. Anacropora are photosynthetic and are able to meet their energy needs from aquarium lighting. If desired, they can be fed an SPS specific coral food such as Vitalis SPS food. Fragging Anacropora is very straightforward, and due to their fragility sometimes happens by accident when working in the tank! A branch can be carefully cut with coral cutters and glued to a frag plug. Like all SPS corals, Anacropora require a mature tank and stable water parameters. Since they build their skeleton from sodium carbonate it is important to monitor alkalinity and calcium levels and dose as needed.