Bali Green Slimer Frag


Bali Slimer Acropora
(Acropora yongei)
Placement: High
Light: Moderate to High
Flow: Moderate to High
Care Level: Moderate
Type: SPS
Compatibility: Peaceful
Growth Rate: Moderate
Photosynthetic: Yes

One of the easiest sps corals to keep out of all the different types!

The Bali Slimer Acropora gets its name from the thick coating of slime that it will release when disturbed. While this mucus is harmless to the coral it can make fragging a messy affair! The Bali Slimer Acro is about as green as corals come and makes for a stunning addition to any reef tank. It grows in a classic branching fashion and each branch will subdivide into smaller branches. This growth pattern means that it can grow into a large colony quite quickly as long as the water parameters are ideal. The Bali Slimer is the easiest members of the acropora family keep.

The Bali Slimer is found in the Indo-Pacific region. It generally is found in shallower waters but can be found as deep at 20m. Because of its ability to grow in a wide variety of depths, it is one of the dominant corals of many reefs. While it is sometimes collected in the wild, the vast majority of what is available for sale today is aquacultured. In fact, this coral has been available in the hobby for well over 20 years and was one of the first SPS corals to be extensively aquacultured. In a home aquarium, they should be placed on an exposed ledge in the upper third of the tank where they will receive direct light and flow. Like all species of acropora, the Bali Slimer needs moderate to high levels of light and flow. Due to the fact that it can be found at deeper depths than many other acro species it is slightly less light demanding, but still prefers fairly high light levels. A coral that is not receiving enough light may begin to turn brown, whereas one that is turning white may be receiving too much light. Like other SPS corals, the Bali Slimer loves strong, indirect flow.

The Green Bali Slimer is photosynthetic and is able to use aquarium lighting to meet its energy needs. It can, however, be fed SPS specific food such as Vitalis SPS food if desired. Like the majority of SPS corals the Green Bali Slimer is quite easy to frag, simply use a pair of coral cutters to cut off a branch and glue it to a frag plug. Just be prepared for its namesake slime! The Green Bali Slimer is a reef tank classic and adds a splash of vibrant green to any home aquarium.