FCC Hollywood Stunner Chalice


(Echinopora lamellosa)
Placement: Medium
Light: Medium-High
Flow: Medium
Care: Easy
Type: LPS (Plating Chalice)
Compatibility: Aggressive Sting
Growth Rate: Fast (which is unusual for chalice)
Photosynthetic: Yes
Special Care: None

The single fastest growing chalice of all time, the Hollywood stunner. Frags turn into colonies with explosive speed. There is really no chalice that looks like this one. It has an amazing bluish base with bright poylps.

This chalice is unusual because it actually plates similar to monticap, it grows into open water where as most chalice encrust over rock work and surfaces. It has thin skeleton structure and can grow rapidly because of this, it doesn’t require lots of calcium in order to grow. Because of its thin skeleton it also the easiest chalice by far to frag. You can literally frag this chalice coral with your bare hands, that’s how delicate the structure is. Its not uncommon to break of small pieces even while simply cleaning your aquarium.

This chalice does pack quite a powerful sting like most chalice and lps corals so you should give it room to grow. We often place them off to the side of a tank so they have ample space to flourish without hurting other corals. Unlike most chalice corals that prefer low light, the Hollywood stunner can be acclimated to very high light conditions and its not unusual for hobbyists to place them very high up in their tank. They need medium flow in order to keep their bodies clean, because of the plate formation created by their growth pattern, it invites detritus to build up. By providing adequate flow it will keep their body clean from any build up.

They are 100% photosynethic but will accept target feeding , just make sure to turn off your flow to give them a chance to eat. We recommended feeding reef roids from poylp lab.

Purchase size – ~1” Frag glued to a standard frag plug

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