Blue Pineapple Tree Coral (Row #56A)


Pineapple Tree Coral

Placement: Medium
Light: Medium
Flow: Medium
Care: Easy
Type: Soft Coral (Capnella sp.)
Compatibility: No sting
Growth Rate: Fast
Photosynthetic: Yes
Special Care: None

The pineapple tree coral (Capnella sp.) is an easy to keep, fast growing soft coral perfectly suited for any size and type of reef aquarium. It gets its name from its pineapple like polyps and tree like structure. This specific variety is blue / purple depending on your lightning spectrum. It grows a large tree like trunk and shoots many smaller polyps out from the top. We recomeend placing this coral about half way up your reef tank with par levels of no more than 250. They require moderate lightning and moderate flow but will tolerate lower light conditions as well.

This coral is cultured here in Canada in our Fragbox Culture Coral System.

It has not sting and will no harm other corals in your aquarium. Its photosynethic and super easy to keep alive.


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