Algagen Tisbe Pods

Fragbox now carries the Algaegen Tisbe pods! Contains live aquacultured Tisbe pods and live phyto. Great for feeding finicky fish like mandarins, wrasses, anthias, sea horses Great live food source for corals, sponges, crabs and shrimps Great for seeding refugium’s Overall improvement of biodiversity and health of your reef tank 100% aquacultured and free from […]

Innovative Marine at Fragbox !

Fragbox corals now carries the entire innovate marine line ! Including the fusion 10 , fusion 20, lagoon 25 and peninsula series.We also carry the APS aluminum stands from innovative marine , gourmet grazer, accudrip and more. Click here to see it more innovative marine Innovative marine is California based company that manufacturers beautifully crafted all in […]

RedSea Reefer: The best reef ready saltwater aquarium

If you’re thinking about starting your first reef tank or upgrading, the red sea reefer is one of the easiest and most beautiful reef ready aquariums on the market. The traditional way of starting a reef tank is quite daunting. Without experience, knowledge or help it can be difficult to do it properly. Unfortunately it […]