How To Dip Corals

Why Dip Corals? One habit that all reefers should adopt is dipping new corals before adding them to the display tank.  Dipping corals is the easiest and most effective way of reducing the likelihood of introducing unwanted pests into the tank.  Dipping corals is easy, safe, and takes only minutes. How to Dip Corals   […]

Different Types Of Corals

Strawberry Shortcake Acropora

Soft Corals? LPS? SPS? What’s the difference?  For those just getting into the reefing hobby the number of choices, options and acronyms can get a little bit overwhelming. Probably the first thing that all new reefers need to learn is the difference between the different types of corals available in the hobby.  Ready?  Here we […]

Jason Fox Corals

jf fox flame

What Are Jason Fox Signature Corals? Jason Fox Corals has gained worldwide fame in the reefing hobby with his insanely bright and rare corals.  He is credited with bringing a number of new corals into the reefing hobby.  The list of corals credited to him is almost endless but a top five list would include: […]

High End LPS Corals

Most reefers are aware of the high end SPS corals that are available in the hobby.  Acroporas such as Walt Disney and Homewrecker have become legendary and small frags can easily cost into the hundreds of dollars.  But what about LPS corals?  What high end LPS corals are available to the discerning reefer. High End […]

Who Are World Wide Corals

Most reefers have heard the name “World Wide Corals” or seen the ubiquitous “WWC” designation after a particularly striking coral.  So what is World Wide Corals? And why is it so popular? World Wide Corals is a massive salt water superstore in Orlando, Florida.  It boasts an awe inspiring variety of corals, fish and invertebrates.  […]

How to grow zoanthids

Zoanthids are a staple in any reef tank and with new colour morphs being offered regularly, reef keepers have an almost limitless number of choices.  Zoas are a great choice for hobbyists of any level because of their beauty, peaceful nature and hardiness.  While zoas will grow in a wide variety of tank conditions there […]

Orange Fan Sponge

Axinella polycapella Placement: Low to Middle Light: Moderate Flow: Moderate to High Care Level: Moderate Type: Sponge Compatibility: Peaceful Growth Rate: Moderate Photosynthetic: Yes Special Care: Do not expose to air     One of the easier decorative sponges available in the reefing hobby, the Orange Fan Sponge is a great way to add a […]

Designer Zoas

 What Is a Designer Zoa?   Red Oxide?  Nuclear Green Dragon Eyes?  Golden Revolver?  What separates these zoanthids from ones that are simply “red”, “green” and “yellow”?  What makes a designer zoa a designer zoa?  Simply put, a designer zoa is a zoa with a commonly recognizable trade name that will have roughly uniform colouration […]