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Every single coral, invertebrate, fish or otherwise living animal sold by Fragbox Coral is covered under our Hassle Free Arrive Alive Guarantee !


Crocea Clam
Acropora Loripes

Arrive Alive Guarantee

Every animal is guaranteed to arrive alive! Fragbox covers 100% responsibility for any all DOA’s.



Stay Alive Guarantee

We guarantee your animals will arrive alive and stay alive for up to 7 days! Absolutely no one offers this, period.


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10+ Years Experience

With over 10 years experience and literally hundreds of thousand corals shipped, we have the experience to ensure all of your corals and animals arrive happy and healthy .



Weather Delays ?

Shit happens ! We are the only coral store that will 100% reimburse your order (including shipping) in the event of weather delays or unforeseen shipping circumstances.


Rainbow Dynamite Chalice

Your satisfaction is always our #1 priority. Please never hesitate to email or call us with any concerns or questions ! We are here to serve you 7 days a week.

DOA  Guarantee & Policies 

At Fragbox Coral we make every effort to ensure you only receive happy and healthy animals.  Due to the sensitive nature of living corals, inverts and fish they sometimes may not survive shipping. We have a less than 5% DOA rate.

Our no hassle policy covers all live stock ! Fragbox will replace or credit any DOA fish, coral or invertebrate.

We also guarantee that all animals will stay alive for 7 days.

For DOA claims, simply send us a photo. We ask that you do not discard the animal right away if dead, please send the photos first.

Replacements are included in future orders. Sadly, Fragbox can not ship out single replacements. We can send out free replacements of the DOA items on future order or if you prefer a coupon code to use anywhere on the site. The coupon codes never expire.

imply email us to take advantage of the guarantee if you have any issues. In order to use a credit simply use your email address in the coupon code section when checking out.

Weather and carrier delays

Fragbox will still guarantee arrive alive even in the event rare event of carrier  and / or weather complications. We are the only company that offers this type of guarantee !

We ship all animals to withstand 2 days of travel although all orders arrive next day. Fedex has a 99% on time delivery with overnight express but we will still cover any loses in the event of a delay. We are proud to be the only live stock shipper in the industry with this guarantee.

Ordering Policy

By purchasing on our website you are agreeing to these policies. All sales or livestock, invertebrates and hardware are final. We sadly do not take returns or trade ins of live animals. Once livestock orders are placed they can not be cancelled, modified or substituted. Orders are shipped as soon as possible and we can not hold orders for more than 3 business days. Please only place live stock orders once your aquarium is established and mature. Please only place order when you are ready to receive them as our facility is not designed to hold order.

For exceptions or emergencies please call the store as it takes 1-2 business days to respond to emails. .


Arrive Alive Guarantee Conditions 

Simply send us a photo! Our hassle free arrive alive guarantee is here to serve you the customer.

Please do not discard the DOA animal without sending us a photo.
Our 7-Day Guarantee only applies to online orders and shipments and does not apply to walk-in customers or in-store pickups. It is recommended that you keep your parameters within tolerable limits for corals Please do not order corals if your tank is still cycling

If you have any questions or concerns please contact  us