Daisy Coral Frag (Row #30)


Daisy Coral

Placement: Low-Medium
Light: Low-Medium
Flow: Low-Medium
Care: Very easy
Type: Soft
Compatibility: No sting
Growth Rate: Fast
Photosynthetic: Yes
Special Care: None


The Daisy coral is fast growing , easy to keep, encrusting soft coral that will cover any surface it comes into contact to. It is closely related to green star polyps but non invasive and not as fast growing. Its to peel back and frag. It has not sting and does well in lower – medium  parts of any aquarium. It has bright lowing green polyps under blue leds. Its great for beginners or advanced reef keepers as it has no special care requirements. It can be easily glued down to any surface and won’t hurt any corals it comes into contact to.

Purchase size – Minimum 1” Frag on a frag plug