FCC Pulsing Xenia Coral


Placement: Low-High
Light: Low-High
Flow: Low-High
Care: Very Easy
Type: Soft
Compatibility: No sting
Growth Rate: Very Fast
Photosynthetic: Yes
Special Care: Placement

One of the most popular and fastest growing soft corals of all time, the pulsing xenia. This classic coral has been kept in aquariums for literally decades, it was one of the first successful corals to ever be kept and grown. This unique coral is one of only a few corals that actively move on their own without current.  This unique pulsing action makes them very attractive to hobbyists. Why they pulse is not entirely understood but its thought to be related to feeding or to increase photosynthesis

This coral can grow so fast its nuts. They will grow on rock, substrate or even glass surfaces often covering the back panes of aquariums. They are a great coral for beginners because of their ease of care but we recommend placing them on a rock that is very easy to move. This way you can avoid infestation because once they start to grow there really is no stopping them. They do well in low to medium light but can acclimatize and easily grow into high light areas. Same goes for flow they do well in low flow but can tolerate intense current as well. Despite their insane growth they remain one of the most sought after and popular corals in the hobby.

They are easy to trim back and frag but sort of tricky to attach to frag plugs. If you try to glue them directly they will simply slime up and release. They need to attach to some sort of substrate first before they can be glued down to another surface. This is the same for most soft corals like mushrooms for example.

Because its a soft coral it does not require calcium to build a skeleton. In terms of water parameters it does well in clean water but truly thrives in dirty or nutrient rich, less than ideal tank conditions. This is in part why it is such an easy coral.

There are a few varieties in terms of shape and color but more are pink / beige. There is one extremely rare blue variety that is non invasive.

These corals have no sting and can often be found growing right up against other corals, namely soft corals.  We really recommend placing these corals on their own island for enjoyment and ease in the future. They are photosysenthic and don’t require any special feeding.

Purchase size – 1” frag with one to two stalks glued to a frag plug