FCC Birds of Paradise Frag


Placement: Medium – High
Light: Medium-High
Flow: Medium – High
Care: Easy
Type: SPS (Birdsnest)
Compatibility: No sting but can’t touch other corals
Growth Rate: Fast
Photosynthetic: Yes
Special Care: None

A super unique, fast growing birdsnest corals. Very easy to grow colonies. from frags.  It has characterized by its yellow base and super fuzzy waving purple polyps. Frags turn into colonies with explosive speed. There is no other birdsnest that even closely resembles the birds of paradise.

It gets its name from its growth structure that resembles a birdsnest. This coral calcifies into open water like most birdsnest. Out of all the acropora species birdsnest and monitpora are the most forgiving, easiest to keep species and great for beginners.

We recommended placing them on rocks that are easy to move and manage in the event that in the future you would like to frag this coral it makes it much easier. They normally calcify a relatively small base before beginning to branch out in a beautiful random and almost chaotic pattern. Its body is quiet brittle and its an easy coral to sting. Its fast growing and easy to keep it. It has no sting and does well in  medium-higher  parts of any aquarium although you should plan ahead to ensure that it wont grow into other corals. They do like moderate flow and need the current to keep their bodies clean. They should show off a deep rich color, if they begin to look light or pale they are getting too much light as where brown coloration usually indicated not enough light.

Purchase size – 1” Frag glued to a standard frag plug

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