Coral Frags FAQ

How Can I Place an Order?

You can shop and purchase coral frag here. Just click add to cart for the pieces you want.Everything you see is available for sale unless it states ‘sold out’. When finished, proceed to the checkout page

How much will shipping cost ?

Shipping varies by province. You can find our shipping rates here.

How many frags can fit in a box ? 

Each box can hold as many frags as you like. There is no limit, we can accommodate any size order.

How will Fragbox ship my corals?

For almost all destinations Fedex priority overnight express is used.
In some cases we may use other carriers at our discretion. Dry goods are shipped via fedex ground.

Can I visit Fragbox in person?

Yes ! We are located at 588 marlee ave. You can find more information and our hours here 


What happens if my coral dies during shipping?

On rare occasions, a coral may die during shipping 🙁 Things do happen but Fragbox has an alive arrive guarantee 🙂
Any coral that does not make it alive will be replaced. Please read our policies here for further details

Does my order go to an airport or to my home

Your order will arrive to your front door, no need to pick up.

Can I order from outside of Canada or from the U.S?

Regrettably, Fragbox does not ship corals outside of Canada because of government regulations on live corals.


Can you hold my corals after I order?

Yes, once payment is received Fragbox is happy to reserve your for up to 4 business days . We are also able to hold pieces so that it can be shipped out on a date most convenient for you

What payment methods are accepted?

Online we accept paypal, mastercard, visa, amex and EMT .
In person we accept all payment methods.

How do I safely add new livestock to my aquarium ? 

Please follow our acclimation guide