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Different Types Of Corals

Strawberry Shortcake Acropora

Soft Corals? LPS? SPS? What’s the difference?  For those just getting into the reefing hobby the number of choices, options and acronyms can get a little bit overwhelming. Probably the first thing that all new reefers need to learn is the difference between the different types of corals available in the hobby.  Ready?  Here we […]

Crazy Acans

Was cleaning out a hard drive and found some old photos of some of the nicest acans we have had. Dont know what my obsession is with acans but have always loved them. They first became available five or six years ago and there was a reefer craze for these special LPS. The hype never […]

Custom Acrylic!

Custom made sump

Looking for a custom made show tank? How about a one of the kind custom sump? You need to check out primo reef acrylics. They are making some of the baddest looking custom tanks and sumps around. All of their tanks are hand made to the high quality possible. And their sumps are just insane. […]