Crazy Acans

Was cleaning out a hard drive and found some old photos of some of the nicest acans we have had. Dont know what my obsession is with acans but have always loved them. They first became available five or six years ago and there was a reefer craze for these special LPS. The hype never really died down for me and I’m always excited to find new variations and colours. I love how puffy and fat they can get in the right conditions. I find the longer you have in the tank the better they look and fatter they get. Their heads can swell up to the size of toonies. Our current display tank has over 12 different colonies. They are super easy to keep and dont need much attention. Low light, low flow and they will be happy. Although they are not the fastest growing corals they are probably one of the easiest to keep. They love eating whatever happens to land in their mouth whether it be fish poo or brine shrimps, these LPS will basically eat anything. I cant remember every losing a frag or colony, they are by far one of the hardiest corals. I don’t know of any known predators or pests to be worried about it. Only thing I can think that would eat them would be a taughty fish or some shrimp trying to take food out of their mouth. Really just an all around solid coral that looks great in anyone’s tank. If you haven’t tried keeping acans, you should, there is nothing to them 🙂

ultra aussie acan

ultra australian acan

startrek acan

ultra acan 2

rainbow acan

pink acan

indonesian acan

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