Best aquarium doser

Best Aquarium Doser

With the number of  products out there today in the salt water aquarium world it can be quite confusing sometimes to decide on which is right for you.  One of these decisions you may be trying to make is buying a doser. A lot of people ask us which is the best aquarium doser. Perhaps you haven’t thought of it yet or you tank doesn’t need one yet but Id still like to plant a seed in your mind for future thought when your ready.

How do you know when you should start dosing your tank ?

Your alkalinity, calcium or magnesium ( can be one or all of these) is consistently low

Your regular water changes are no longer enough to maintain these at optimum levels

Your corals are sucking up these trace elements faster than they are being replaced

If any of these apply to you ITS TIME TO START DOSING 😀

No need to worry , all this means in that you need to add a little something extra to keep your corals happy


Can not stress above point enough, thats why its in red and bold.

We recommend salifert est kits, its the only test kit we trust to test our water

If your alkalinity levels are fine and you begin dosing you will overdose, raise your levels and ultimately muck up everything


How to dose your aquarium

  1. By hand
  2.  with an automated doser

Pros of dosing by hand

Accurate – you measure out exactly how much you need and then add it

Safety- no chance of machine malfunction

Money – Simply inexpensive


Annoying as $%# over time

Near impossible if you travel

Human error

Takes up room

Pros of dosing by Doser

Convenience – you don’t have to do it manually

Stability – doses slowly throughout the day so the levels remain stable

Looks – looks cool and newbs + outsiders always impressed


Can be expsensive

Sometimes space not available under or around aquarium stand

Dosers can fail

So you have decided you a need doser

Do not buy a cheap doser

I.E Do not buy the jebao dp4 or any other simliar budget friendly dosers

Why you ask?

If your lights on your aquarium fail you wont have light until you replace, nothing dies

if a return pump fails you change it, still nothing dies

if a power head fails you usually have more in the tank, flow is reduced still nothing dies


Why try to save $100-150 if you can cost your whole tank? Its better to save a little more and get something stable and reliable so you can sleep at night

We no longer sell the Jebao Dp4 because of the high fail rate, have seen it take down tanks literally over night


The dosers we recommend

#1 Bubble Magus

Affordable, reliable, quiet, 1 year warranty. We have sold many and have never had a single issue with these. Hands down best bank for your buck on your market

#2 Kamoer X4

Expensive BUT you get 4 dosers, wifi capable and super reliable. Company has been making dosers for a long time

#3 Neptune Dos

Not affordable, you only get 2 heads when we often need 3 but the unit is solid. Very reliable , very accurate and super easy to adjust from your comptuer



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