Gone but not forgotten

Gone but not forgotten

Was looking through some of our old photos cleaning out a hard drive and came across this old folder with photos of tons of amazing zoanthid and palythoas we have had in the past. Most of them just frags but some colonies as well. I thought it would be cool to share. Some we sold, some died. It’s been so long it’s hard to remember which is which but I know for certain these are no longer in our collection.

Do you take photos of your corals or tanks? Long before fragbox was started I used to take photos of my  corals and frags just for fun. I found it was the only way to really see if a coral has grown or not. When we see the same piece everyday it can be hard to tell that it has actually grown. Then you look back at a photo when you first got it and its incredible how growth can often go unnoticed when you don’t have a point of reference. Photos can also be great indicator of growth speed because you can see the dates on the photos to see how many week or months or even years it took to grow the piece out. If you didn’t know this, on a windows pc, right click and select properties so you can check the photos creation date.

Many of these zoas I wish we still had. These are my personal favorites. These zoanthids were collected from all over the world and different oceans. Some had fancy names and other didn’t. Please enjoy

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abonimal snowman Anthrax bella blues black hole sun (2) blue agave $50 blueberry daquiri bumblebee cheerios cotton candy (2) crazy ladies (2) darth maul $75 ding dang ectasy (3) godfather golden revolver (2) golden revolver (3) green bay packers
green envy people eaters (2)
houdini (2) IMG_0531 IMG_0634 IMG_0800 IMG_2427 IMG_2545 (2) IMG_2623 IMG_2628 IMG_9280 IMG_9463

miami vice (2) mordor pink flamingos pink leopard purple honey purple panther rainbow paly (2) rainbow rasta $150 razzle dazzle 2 red devil (2) red supernova (4) sakura sunrise 2 samurai 2.0 saphire 1 sour punch stairway to heaven $50 taiwan tropicana vdm wtf paly

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