Salt Water Perfection

Fragbox takes pride in featuring this perfect tank by Richard Orme. His love for the hobby and attention to detail is evident in  his aquarium. The tank exemplifies perfectly placed live rock, coral selection an negative space . His tank is an ultimate example of zen achieved in a salt water aquarium. The homemade aquarium controller is simply amazing!
Thanks Richard for sharing!
Main System:
 Standard 75 Aqueon Aquarium.
Drilled with 700 GPH internal overflow box.
 DT in Lounge. Sump and Life Support located directly below in basement.
 Sump: Standard Aqueon 20g Long. DIY’d into 3 stages.Skimmer with bubble trap, Fuge And Return. Drilled for return and overflow protection drain.
 Heater: Eheim Jager 250W ( Controlled via Controller )
Chiller: Pacific Coast 1/10hp ( Controlled via Controller )
Skimmer: Reef Octopus NWB150 ( Controlled via Controller )
Return Pump: Reeflo Dart ( Controlled via Controller )
 Water Movement: 3x Jebao WP25 in DT
 Lights: 72 3W LED Dimmable DIY fixture ( Royal Blue, Warm White, Cool White ) ( Controlled via Controller )
          T5  ATI Coral +
          T5 ATI Blue +
 Reactors: BRS 2 stage for GFO & GAC ran as required.
              TLF Kalk Stirrer modified to run Bio Pellets.
 RO/DI: BRS 4 stage RO/DI with Dual TDS meter.
 Dosing: J&L Aqutics Schlobster bulk.
            24ml/day Alk
            26ml/day Cal
            Mag as required
            Acropower 15ml/week
 Fuge: Incorporated into sump. Runs 12 hours on opposite light cycle to DT. LED grow bulb ( Controlled via Controller )
Test Kits: Salifert. Tested weekly
 Salt: Instant Ocean Reef Crystals
Frag Tank: Standard 15G cut down to 10″ tall using tile saw. Gravity fed from DT, then gravity feeds into sump. Halo Par38 LED ( Controlled via Controller )
QT Tank: 10G setup as required for ALL new fish aquisitions.( Controlled via Controller ) 2 week min QT Period using Cupramine & Prazipro.
               All corals dipped in Revive and inspected via magnifying glass.
IMG_7499 IMG_7505 IMG_7504 IMG_7514 IMG_7510
IMG_1521 12 Month FTS IMG_7441

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