Utter Chaos Zoa



Placement: Low -Medium
Light: Low -Medium
Flow: Medium
Care: Easy
Type: Soft  (Zoanthid)
Compatibility: No sting
Growth Rate: Fast
Photosynthetic: Yes
Special Care: None

The one and only Utter Chaos Zoanthid. Any serious zoanthid collector simply must have this coral in their collection. There are few zoas that have larger heads and are more unique than utter chaos ! The heads can get the size of nickels and they have a very unique white speckle pattern that is unmistakable. There is simply no other zoa that looks like utter chaos. The outside skirt is frilly and adds nice movement in the current. We have been growing this in our zoanthid farm for many years with success. These zoas are easy to keep and fast growing. They have no sting and will cover just about any surface.

They are Photosynthetic do not need to be feed but do love to eat, we recommend feeding live phyto and reef roids. They do well in a variety of placement in the tank, under lower lights they will stretch and get larger with less color. Under high light they grow close and tight to the rock with smaller heads but much brighter color. They like moderate flow and this helps to keep their underlying tissue free from detritus buildup. We recommend keeping your tank parameters close natural sea water conditions, but zoanthids like these ones can thrive under less than ideal conditions. They will actually grow faster with higher nitrates and phosphate levels so they make an ideal candidate for low maintenance aquariums.

Purchase size – 1-3 heads glued to a standard frag plug

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