1700 Gallons

When I came across this thread on reef central my jaw hit the floor. This has to be one of the most remarkable and crazy reef aquarium builds. Ever…

The owner constructed an enormous addition to the home just to accommodate this insanely massive tank.  From the skimmer to the RODI system, quarantines systems to UV sterilizers, everything on this build is simply nuts. Truly inspiring build that we all dream of.

Its still in the early stages and this post documents the build which is probably the most impressive. Its nice that the owner took the time to post details and photos of the build knowing the reefing community would love it. I can not wait to see this thing full of coral and fish. I am sure they will be just as remarkable as the build istelf.

Here are some my favourites photos from the build. Hundreds more can be found on the original thread by clicking here. These are the photos I felt summed up the build pretty well.


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