Fragbox new store build

Our new store is 90% done. Still some small things to set up. Thought we would share photos of what we think is Toronto’s coolest new saltwater coral store and what went into building it. Took about 2 solid months of working at it everyday. At some points it was daunting and depressing. Wasn’t easy and some parts not fun but the end product was well worth the late night, early morning and sweat. Hope to see in our store soon. We are at 588 marlee ave in Toronto. 

Day 1: Demo, existing washroom was too big and conflicted with the layout we wanted so it had to go

washroom done and pocket door installed

stand frame built out of LVL and 2×6

Glass arrived !!

Painted bottoms black and began to put them together

Now time for the sump, we have a basement and main floor which is nice because it allows us to hide the messy part of the hobby/business downstairs

half way there

sump stand done ! a little bit of green just for fun basement was very boring 

tanks almost done and skinned the stands they are 8 feet long, 3 feet wide and 12” tall

here I started working on the checkout counter, took quite some time but wanted something you didn’t see in most reef stores

check out done and shelves went up for hardware

shelving stocked with lots of reef aquarium goodies and hardware 😀

tanks have water finally , took about 5 weeks and ati sunpower are up

doser and apex neptune installed

ati rack up

tanks stocked and radion g4 are up

starting to feel like home

we add aquaforest to our line up and love it

acro come in and system is nice and stable after about 4.5 months, coraline algae is really starting to come in

All we are missing now is the display tank! feel free to shoot us an email with any questions

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