With a grain of salt

Dont always listen to what you read on-line.

Especially topics regarding this hobby. There are many knowledgeable reefers out there and a wealth of knowledge on the forums. But not everyone understands exactly what they are saying. Sometimes someone’s advice can have implications on your tank and your animals in a very negative way. No one knows everything and there are some who know nothing . Your not obliged to agree with what I am saying in this post ; ) Merely suggesting that you take an objective standpoint on the advice you are given online in this hobby. Experiences are ancidotal and aquarium specific.  What is true for someone else may not work or be true for your circumstance. And viceversa, what works or is true for you may be the opposite for someone else. Happy reefing thanks for reading.

Here is a perfect example of what I we are trying to convey

dont always listen to people online







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