Redsea Reefer 170 Review

Red Sea Reefer 170

These tanks are simply awesome

Best part of this system

Easy to setup !!

If you have or never had a reef tank before this redsea reefers are a dream to setup

The old way of setting up a reef tank was usually highly custom and time consuming. You would source a tank and then a  matching stand. Find, buy or even build your own sump

Drill the aquarium, silicone bulkheads in place, build an overflow and them plumb the tank. It can often take weeks even months to setup

With the reefers all the hard work and planning has been taken care of !

Tank, pluming, overflow, stand, sump and baffles everything is simply done and its done well.

It has never been easier to set up a tank. We highly recommend them

We chose to light it with one AI Prime and it fills the tank perfectly

Only downside I see so far is your are stuck using their socks and I prefer floss. Also the drains are way smaller than I like on any tank. Its nice that you get 2 drains but they are only 3/4” which is quite small

The systems are also quite expensive but you get what you pay for. The workmanship is flawless on the glass, silicone and stand.

All in all though super impressed and we are in love with this system

Will do another update soon

Red Sea Reefer 170

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