New Display Tank !

Our store is finally getting a new display tank ! 

We decided to go with a super clean, modern shallow peninsula style design so it can be enjoyed from different sides 

The stand was hand built from 2×4 lumber and them skinned in a high gloss acrylic

It will be primarily softy/ zoa / mushroom tank ; easy stuff !

Lighting haven’t decided yet but probably a pair of hydra 52s with t5 supplement from aquatlife to create a hybrid fixture

The tank is 30” wide, 50” long and only 18” tall

more photos to come as it progresses 


Simple but sturdy 2×4 frame with plywood top and bottom


lots of screws just to be safe !

painted and began adding acrylic top and bottom

originally was going to leave the aquarium stand blue and give it a king of blue and white ecotech look but changed our minds

styrofoam just to be safe , it helps level heavier aquariums on the stand, also had bottom pane drilled with 2 x 1.5” drains and 2 x 3/4” returns


first pane glued in nicely, fat bead of silicone to be safe 


last piece goes on and acrylic on stand legs almost done


all the panes glued in and its starting to look like an aquarium !



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