Raja Rampage Chalice Frag


Raja Rampage Chalice (Echinophyllia sp.)
Placement: Middle to Bottom
Light: Low to Medium
Flow: Medium
Care Level: Moderate
Type: LPS
Compatibility: Aggressive
Growth Rate: Moderate
Photosynthetic: Yes
Special Care:

The Raja Rampage Chalice is a popular chalice coral colour morph. Like other chalice corals, it tends to grow in a plating or shallow cup-like form but will sometimes grow in other patterns depending on the flow and lighting conditions. The Raja Rampage Chalice has a bright green base with yellow eyes that are surrounded by a deep purple ring. It will never be mistaken for any other coral!

Chalice corals are generally found on the Australian Great Barrier Reef and in a few other areas of the Pacific ocean. They are most common at depths of 40 to 80 feet. The overwhelming majority (if not all) trade named chalice corals, such as the Raja Rampage Chalice, are aquacultured in either the United States or Indonesia. To a hobbyist, this means that the specimen they purchase will very closely match the established colour standards and also have been bred to thrive in captivity. Due to their growth pattern, they should be placed on an exposed ledge in the tank where they will have enough room to grow without stinging other corals. Because they are a relatively deep water coral they are usually placed in the bottom half of the tank, but can be slowly acclimatized to higher light levels if desired.

The Raja Rampage Chalice does best in low to moderate lighting and moderate flow. The lighting should be sufficient to allow the colours to pop, but not so intense as to cause bleaching. Like other corals with a similar growth pattern, it is important to prevent detritus from building up on it so there should be a moderate amount of flow around the coral.

While all chalice corals are able to use photosynthesis to meet their energy needs they have mouths for a reason, they love to eat! While they will accept a wide variety of small foods a great choice is Vitalis LPS Pellets, which allow for easy spot feeding. Periodic feeding will help contribute to the coral’s ongoing good health and growth speed. Because they grow so quickly and are a plating coral they are incredibly easy to frag. Simply cut (or carefully break) a piece of coral off the colony and glue it to a frag plug and in no time it will start to grow.

For a hobbyist looking for a fast growing and stunning coral the Raja Rampage Chalice makes a great choice!

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