Pink Serpent Sea Star


Pink Serpent Starfish
(Ophioderma cinereum)

The serpent starfish, often overlooked by aquarists, is an easy to keep, peaceful, invertebrate with a voracious appetite. Often hidden beneath rock work during the day, this species is most comfortable foraging for food within the evening, when the tank is dark.  They are carnivorous and will readily scavenge for leftover meaty fish food. This scavenging behavior helps turnover your substrate. It should be noted that serpent starfish may, although rare, display “hunting” behavior. They will pyramid on all five legs creating a gap between them and the substrate. They can, when in position, catch a slow moving, sick, fish, but should not be able to catch a healthy fish. Be sure to provide them with ample hiding spaces and food to ensure the longevity of this animal.


Care   Temperament Diet  
Easy Peaceful Carnivore

Max Size Conditions Population
1′ Reef Tank 1/30 Gallons

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