Peppermint Shrimp


Peppermint Shrimp
(Lysmata wurdemanni)
Care: Easy   Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Carnivore   Purchase Size: 1”
Max Size: 2”
Water Parameters: Salinity 1.024-.26, Temp 77-78, ph 7.7-8.2
Population: 1/10 Gallons
Reef Safe: yes   Lifespan: 2 years
Drip acclimate

Peppermint Shrimp are best known for their natural predation on pest anemones aiptasia. All four varieties of Peppermint shrimp are known to eat aiptasia, however, some individuals are more prone to seek out aiptasia while others may ignore them. We find that this is usually based on food availability, as they are more inclined to eat leftover fish food than aiptasia. This is due to their scavenger nature.


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