Double Sea Star


Double Sea Star
(Iconaster longimanus)

The Double Sea Star, also known as the Icon Sea Star, are a white or off white color that allows them to stand out in reef tanks. They are known for their unique double star pattern which gives the impression of two stars.This is where the name originates. This starfish is not shy and you will almost always see it out scavenging for food. It prefers to forage on the glass or rockwork but is almost always visible. They require much room for foraging and feed heavily on film algae, microorganisms and detritus.They are more difficult to care for in home aquaria than serpent and brittle stars as they are extremely intolerant of changes in water parameters. Special care must be taken to properly acclimate this species.

Care   Temperament Diet  
Difficult Peaceful Omnivore

Max Size Conditions Population
4” Reef Tank 1/50 Gallons



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