Cespitularia Coral


Placement: Middle
Light: Moderate
Flow: Moderate
Care Level: Easy
Type: Soft Coral
Compatibility: Peaceful
Growth Rate: Fast
Photosynthetic: Yes
Special Care:

One of the most unique soft corals and a personal favorite. Highly sought after in the hobby ! Its similar to its cousin xenia but the nice thing about this coral its non invasive. It does grow fairly quick but not even close to as fast as pulsing xenia. This coral doesn’t not pulse but can grow super tall (up to 6”) It adds lots of life and movement to any reef aquarium. This coral aqua cultured here at Fragbox.

This coral is easy to keep and has no sting, so it won’t hurt any other corals in your tank.

It does best in low to medium light conditions although can get used to higher light, it will shrink is length and grow closer the rock. It prefers medium flow but can tolerate high flow conditions.

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