Yellow Sea Cucumber


(Colochirus robustus)

This animal is filter-feeding cucumber and similar in nature to the Sea Apple.

The Yellow Sea Cucumber when feeding extends its branchy feeding arms into the current and is one of the most beautiful filter feeders. We only recommend these animals for established reef aquarium.

The Yellow Sea Cucumber requires live rock to provide the nutrients it needs to sustain its health. It will usually find a location with moderate to strong current.

They often reproduce by dividing into 2 individuals. This may come about due to stress, or may be a sign of good health.

The diet of a Yellow Sea Cucumber should include liquid or dried phyto and zoo plankton. They will also benefit from the substrate being stirred regularly releasing bacteria and detritus into the water. When malnourished, they will shrink in size, and may lose feeding arms.

Approximate Purchase Size: 0.5-1”

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