Spider Decorator Crab


Spider Decorator Crab (Camposcia retusa)
Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Carnivore
Purchase Size: ~2.5”
Max Size: 4”
Water Parameters: Salinity 1.024-.26, Temp 77-78, ph 7.7-8.2
Population: 1/25 gallons
Reef Safe: yes
Breeding: No
Gender: Yes
Drip acclimate

The spider decorator crab gets its name from both its long legs and its unique method of camouflage. The decorator crab will often adorn its shell with small pieces of coral, rubble, shells or
other items. In the wild this can help the decorator crab to hide from predators and in the home aquarium it can aid in propagating corals. The spider decorator crab can be found in shades of tan or brown and has eight long, spider-like, legs and two relatively small forward claws. Once they have finished “decorating” their shells each specimen is truly unique.
This species of decorator crab can be found on the tropical reefs of the Indo-Pacific region. This nocturnal crab actively searches the reef for food at night. In a home aquarium it will be most active after the main tank lights are off as it hunts and scavenges for food. When kept in a home aquarium they are predominantly scavengers and will feed on leftover meaty foods. Many hobbyists will
supplement this diet with chopped squid. Apart from being an effective scavenger that will help to keep a home tank clean, each specimen is a natural and unique work of art. As they continue to add further adornments to their shells they can become quite colourful. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful piece of abstract art patrolling their home
Larger members of the decorator crab family have even been known to form symbiotic relationships with anemones who will sometimes hitch a ride on a decorator crab and will feed on leftovers provided
by the crab.

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