Neptune Apex A3 Pro Controller System PRO



Neptune Systems A3 Apex Pro System – This all new apex controller is the top of line unit allowing you to control you aquarium, monitor, set up detection and automate.

  • Fully equipped A3 Apex Pro base unit
    • 4 FMM Ports
    • 4-Channels 0-10V Variable output
    • 6 Switch Digital Input
    • 2 Aquabus Ports
    • 2 pH/ORP probe ports
    • 1 Salinity* probe port
    • 1 Temperature probe port
    • Both WiFi & Ethernet compatible
    • Soft-touch finish
    • New built-in audible alarm
  • Control up to 13 individual power connections with the Energy Bar 832
    • ONLY power bar on the market to be ETL/UL certified specifically for aquarium use
    • 8x 120 VAC outlets
    • 3x 1LINK outputs for WAV, DOS, etc
    • 2x DC24V outputs for accessories (small pumps, solenoids, fans, etc.)
    • 3x AquaBus Ports
  • Track temperature, ORP, and pH with included lab-grade, double-junction probes
  • Continuous monitoring of water-level depth with new Liquid Level Sensor
  • Reliable and reusable new Optical Multi-Surface Leak Detection Sensor
  • Set reminders, log testing and dosing information, and access your tank from anywhere with Apex Fusion