Green Montipora Digitata


Green Digi (Montipora Digitata)
Placement: Medium-High
Light: Moderate-High
Flow: Medium-High
Care Level: Moderate
Type: SPS Coral
Compatibility: Peaceful- No sting
Growth Rate: Moderately Fast for an SPS
Photosynthetic: Yes
Special Care: Requires stable water parameters

This easy to keep green Montipora is easy to keep & grow &  has been grown in our coral farm for many years.

Out of all the sps corals species green digi are one of the easiest to care for. Montipora Digitata is part of this montipora family is also a relatively easy hard coral to keep in your aquarium. It likes strong flow and par levels of above 200, so it does well about half way up in most aquariums. It thrives under both led and t5 lighting. It comes in a variety of colors and even some grafted types. It is one of the fastest growing species of hard corals and once established growth can be explosives.

It doesn’t have any sting but should be given plenty of room to grow. It normally will first encrust on to the rock to set up a strong base and than branch out from there. Its structure is quiet delicate and can be easily fragged with simply your fingers. It often will get fragged accidently by regular tank maintenance. There is on predator that will eat them known as the montipora eating nudibranch. It will attack this species as well as all other spcecies of montipora. It looks like a small feather and hang around the base of the corals where it lays its eggs.

If you have never tried hard coral monticap or this digi both make excellent candidates for your first sps coral. Dipping like all other corals is recommended for this coral before adding to your tank. Make sure to give it lots of indirect flow, if the polyps are not coming out though it is probably getting too much flow. Montipora Digi color should be deep and rich, if it looks pale it is most likely getting too much light and should be lowered.

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