Mindstream is Mindblowing

The mindstream is not out yet. But if released, this will change the way we monitor our saltwater tanks forever! Mindstream is a monitor which uses fluorescence sensing technology to constantly test the most important parameters of an aquarium. Not only can it test PH, temperature and salinity but it can go as far to constantly test calcium, magnesium, potassium , oxygen, co2, alkalinity and even conductivity. This data is than uploaded to personal profiles online allowing you to read the test and form graphs not only on your pc and mac but on your smartphone or tablet. The days of mixing liquid in test tubes and watching for color changes may soon be over! No word on pricing yet or even a website. They currently have a facebook page and some prototypes. Fragbox has its fingers crossed that this novel little invention will soon become available. Serious game changer on the horizon.


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