Fiji Cube Sumps Are Simply The Best

I have never done a blog post about a product , let a lone a sump. Thank you fiji cube for helping step out of my writing comfort zone. These sumps are simply unreal. There is nothing even close to these sumps on the market today at this price point. The list of features you get with them is over whelming and they hold their own against custom $1000-2000 sumps like the one made by geo sumps etc

Before we even begin to talk about what makes them awesome just look at them. Visually the sumps are beautiful, they are simple with just the perfect amount of color. There are some crazy bright orange neptune designed sumps out there that scream look at me and are really cool, but fiji cube sumps I think have just the perfect amount of color and pop. They are nice enough to show off in a display sump setting or will still look great behind closed doors.

They are all made of high quality acrylic and have FULL, yes full stop support braces, something that is not common on sumps especially acrylic ones. These things are SOLID. The seams are near perfection and bubble free, you can tell that they know what they are doing.

They are designed to be silent so you won’t hear any running water

One of my favorite features in the interchangeable floss box which is simply  genius!  Personally I hate filter socks, so the option to change them out on the fly with this crazy little box (that comes included for free BTW) is just awesome

BUILT IN HEATER HOLDERS I MEAN WTF, these guys have thought of everything

Built in test probe and dosing lines holder, as well as an auto top off valve. Yes they are all removable if you don’t want them. These things are so modular its nuts

Adjustable protein skimmer compartment

And finally , if it couldn’t get any better , every compartment comes with a lid. These guys didn’t leave anything on the drawing board, this sump has literally everything you could want in a reef sump and more at a stupid price.

They come in 5 different sizes to fit any reef aquarium need. Call us / email us if you have any other questions

click here to see them all the fiji cube sumps we offer 

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