Featured Tank 210 Gallon Master Piece

Mixed reef tanks are some of the most beautiful Aquariums out there. Shane & Catherines mixed reef  however sets the bar for the rest. Its inspring rock work and pristine tank conditions  are what we all strive towards in this hobby. I was really impressed when I first saw this tank. Shane & Catherines dedication and love for the hobby is obvious through this remarkable aquarium. Thanks to both of them from B.C for sharing! Want to share an incredible tank like this one? Just email us
210 gallon display
70 gallon sump
Three 180 watt led light pods mounted on custom aluminum brace
Protein Skimmer:
Hydor recirculating skimmer rated for 1000 gallons,
phosban reactor
carbon reactor
Store bought black wood stand modified to add 6 inches height,
Jebao wp40 wavemaker
 auto top off, reef keeper lite with modules, shlobster dosing pumps using c- balance 2 part
photo 4 photo2 photo3
photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 6 photo 7 photo

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