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Rare and Exotic Corals

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We sell only healthy corals!

All our frags are healed before shipping

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Fragbox is updated daily!

New frags added twice weekly!

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Taking out the guesswork.

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Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority

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All of our corals are grown under the Halo

by Lightbox

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Coral Frags Is What We Do

(1) Sell healthy and exotic coral frags across Ontario and Canada.
(2) Carry only the best coral frags online.
(3) Ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

It’s that simple. We love what we do & always put customer satisfaction first. This is how we have
become Canada’s number online frag store. We carry sps coral frags, lps frags but we specialize in designer zoanthid and palythoa frags

Who Is Fragbox Corals?

Fragbox is Canada’s premier online coral store. We are a based in Toronto specializing in the best coral frags. We carry the hottest frags across Ontario and all of Canada! We are proud to be the best Canadian run online coral store. We ship across the country and carry a wide variety of corals. Zoanthids and Palythoas are our favorites. If you’re looking for high quality, colorful and exceptional coral frags, is where you want to be.


100% customer satisfaction is our goal at Fragbox. We strive to carry only the best coral frags in Canada and provide only the best service. We guarantee the alive arrival of everything we ship and offer a stay alive for 7 day guarantee on all our coral frags. See our testimonials to hear what Canada thinks about our coral frag & service. Please contact us if you have any questions at

Our Site

We believe that coral shopping should always be WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get). When you shop at Fragbox, you know exactly which coral frag you will receive. This is the only online coral frag site in Canada to be updated daily! We add new frags at least twice per week and sometimes more. Check out our coral frag page to see what is currently available and join our mailing list to see when new frags are added.