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  1. Al, Markham says:

    Great zoas from a great guy! The number of polyps/heads you get per frag feels like a good bargain! I’ve purchased 4 frags from him and all of them are constantly opened for 2 weeks now!

  2. Josiah aka Boxboy says:

    WOW. I bought A few frags from fragbox and Im extreamly happy with the quality of Service,Frags,Care and sizes I recieved. Prices are great too.
    Everything opened up right away. Colors are fantastic and Shipping was fast while being carefully protected and delieverd. Will be ordering again shortly.


  3. Gil of Mississauga says:

    Awesome frags and very healthy, I bought and bought and bought several times and all are still nice and growing well. Very nice guy to deal with, highly recommended!!!!

  4. Marc says:

    Bought Blue and KedReds about 2 weeks ago… they started off nice and are currently more lush, not shy in opening and thriving! Started out with 8 or so no i have 20+!!!! it was a great purchase at a great price! great guy to deal with and is highly recommended!


  5. Mandy says:

    Bought some pink zoos from March a few weeks ago, and they are absolutely gorgeous and happy! He also threw in a few extra bits, which was entirely unexpected but very much appreciated! Fantastic seller to deal with; accommodating and personable, and an all-round great guy. Can’t beat his prices, either!

  6. chris says:

    what can i say..this was my first frag purchase ever, i was given clear instructions,(basically walked through the whole thing) i sent money and asked for some nice zoos. what i got was amazing, better, nicer and way more than expected.
    i would recommend this seller to anyone. costumer service second to none.

    i will be ordering again…. BTW the goniopora is ridiculous.

  7. Jack M says:

    I have ordered off marcelo twice now and both times i have had great experiences. the quality of frags is just phenomenal! my Acans were all Big and puffy right away and my SPS which i got the second go around looks amazing!!!
    Great guy, AMAZING deals! I highly recommend dealing with fragbox!

    Keep up the amazing work, i will definitely be getting more off you!

  8. David, Vaughan says:

    I’ve bought frags several times from Marcelo. Really nice guy. His frags are top notch, and he gives really great advice. I will definitely be buying from him again.

    GL with the new business!!

  9. Chris says:

    I had a DOA i’ll be honest (shipping issue), but i was reinbursed free of charge immediately. This is a great comopany to deal with and i recommend it to all coral seekers in the GTA.

  10. Ron says:

    I’ve picked up some nice frags a few times and plane on going back, great guy and has alot to pick from, best place I’ve found to find some nice corals for a great deal!!!! Can’t wait to go back. Thanks March!

  11. Matt R says:

    Bought 4 zoos off fragbox. Very impressed with the selection. Zoanthids opened within the day and are all looking great and healthy. Will definitely be buying more corals in the future. I recommend fragbox above all else!

  12. Chris says:

    Once again order was amazing
    Fast shipping and well packed. And as always. The corals are awesome. Opened up within minutes of going in the tank.

    I really enjoy the personal service. This is where I’ll be getting my corals from now on.

    Thanks again


    And all was well even shipped to Elliot lake.

  13. Matt R says:

    Me again.
    Once again the customer service was superb. March is a great guy to deal with.
    Shipping arrived next day and the coral was wrapped perfectly, no damage due to shipping. When I put the coral into the tank it immediately opened up and like always appeared as healthy as ever.

    Buy frags from fragbox.ca and you will not be dissapointed.


  14. Erik says:

    Best customer service I have ever had while online ordering. Frags were a generous size and shipping was quick. Will do another order in a heartbeat! Thanks March!

  15. Joel says:

    March is very accommodating and a really great guy to deal with. He has quality frags and some of the best I’ve seen — they look great/healthy and always felt I get great value for the money. Very satisfied with my purchases and will definitely continue to do business with him. Thanks March!

  16. Michelle says:

    To be honest, my order got messed up. A couple of my frags were forgotten in the initial shipment. However, March’s great customer service made up for it (as well as a couple bonus frags). All frags were good quality and opened up soon after putting them inte tank. I understand that mix ups happen, but because of the great customer service I will definitely be shopping here again.

  17. Kevin G says:

    amazing coral, awesome prices and even a better guy to deal with. i got about 10 frags and a colony on goni for $100 bucks. i will be returning

  18. Mark M says:

    What a great experience, genuinely nice guy with beautiful frags at an amazing price. A wide variety made making a decision tough. All zoas opened up and doing well, I will be back to pickup some other beautiful pieces he has. Such a large selection making a decision was tough.

  19. Daniel Carrera says:

    I bought some frgs from March not long ago and everything arrived well and healthy. I would definitely buy from him again.

    Vancouver, B.C

  20. Mandy says:

    Have been back twice to see March, and as always, he delivers a superb product. I can’t possibly say enough about his corals; I haven’t bought anywhere else since I started buying from March and Fragbox. I will definitely be back.

  21. Amanda Plotzki says:

    I just ordered a shipment of 8 frags from March and to say he was accommodating would be a great understatement! March’s service is unbelievable, he bent over backwards for me and after all my crazy requests in the end he still sent me a bonus frag!! Probably the nicest frag out of all the ones I ordered to boot.
    March has beautiful, colorful, healthy, rare and LARGE frags at more than fair prices! He could charge an arm and a leg extra for a lot of his pieces and he doesn’t because he’s a diamond in the ruff in this market!
    I will probably never purchase corals anywhere else because I don’t think anyone can top: 1. His amazing selection & variety, 2. His shipping rates, 3. His prices, 4. His over the top customer service, and 5. His fast, daily responses to emails and updates on his site!!

    I will be making another order in the very near future as March has already brought in a number of new frags that I cannot resist! That’s another thing, his variety of daily new arrivals is just awesome!

    What sold me the most is March’s outstanding customer service. I could go on all day about it, thank you again so much March, you have gained me as a lifelong customer.

  22. Jose m says:

    All zoos started opening shortly after as they came in the tank. He even sold me a zoo that he was trying to grow. All came in healthy, thanks so much.

  23. Rob M says:

    Ordered a shipment from March, communication was superb, unfortunately the package was severely damaged in transit (shipping companies fault) and was delayed a day in transit to boot. Through all this March kept in contact with me. Two of the corals were so healthy when they were shipped, that they actually survived the catastrophe! I will be returning after because of his quality customer service and quality corals!
    Thanks March

  24. Rob M says:

    Had a shipping problem with my first order from March(UPS’ fault), just received my replacement shipment and am thoroughly impressed with the colours and health of these corals. March’s amazing customer service came through as all the corals that didnt make it were replaced and he even gave me a store credit for the ones that survived(which I used on this order). Can’t thank him enough, will be returning again and again!
    Thanks March

  25. Jan says:

    I received my second order from March. Packing was excellent!Very good customer service and communication.He went out of his way to find the zoas I was looking for.

  26. Parimal says:

    I must say WOW! First off, the quality of the corals are just nothing I’ve seen from retail stores. This owner really knows how to take care of his corals and grow them healthy! When he said he does this for the love of it, he really does. He did make sure before purchase if I was running good lighting, advised me of Par38 light (which I am going to buy) to grow health corals without bleaching. Overall, March is going to be my next number 1 supplier for corals.

  27. Adam from Ottawa says:

    i ordered a few zoa frags from March couple weeks ago and the customer service was top notch! the zoas opened within minutes off going in the tank. the number and quality of polyps received where much more than expected! ill be making a second order very soon!!!

  28. DrBlueThumb says:

    Very nice guy, smooth transaction, goes above and beyond. Is even willing to look for hard to find specimen’s. A+.

    Will be ordering more, shortly.

  29. Jean-Marc says:

    Ordered from him twice. Delivery was fast here in Quebec. The colors of the corals are amazing! Pricing is really good and the pictures that are on the website really shows what it’s going to look like in the aquarium. Customer service is amazing and easy to reach at all time. Let’s just say that fragbox.ca really wants to make you happy!

  30. Shelley (aka Enigma on Canreef) says:

    March has been great to purchase from. In addition to the great quality of the frags I purchased from him, he was patient and willing to get quotes and make enquiries as to the feasibility of a Saturday “Hold For Pickup” overnight shipment (the best option for me). He was conscientious of the advancing cool weather, and he made sure to phone me directly to learn of the weather conditions in Calgary, so he could package the shipment accordingly.

    The entire transaction went well, and my frags arrived alive, warm, and bright and early on a Saturday morning.

  31. E Anderson says:

    I purchased two chalice frags from March and I couldn’t be much more pleased. The colors on both Chalices are truly stunning. Communication with him was clear, friendly, and helpful. I’m looking forward to my next order and won’t hesitate to recommend Fragbox.ca to friends.

  32. jason bourque says:

    I am more than pleased with my business with March i am on my fith or sitth order from him and my tank is doing superb .Would highly recommend doing business with him and prices and shipping are so reasonable it is cheaper for me than going to my local store and fragbox has a better selection anyways. keep on reefin!

  33. Kenneth says:

    March took the extra step to call me when a frag was too stressed to ship so we could decide for a refund or replace the frag with another. I received the box the next day and noticed EXTRA FRAGS. They all stared to come out with in 45 mins of turning on the lights. they are all healthy and colorful. Frag Box is my first choice!!

  34. Joe says:

    awesome frags awesome prices! March has great communication he usually answers right away. Gave me a credit for a DOA right away. I’m not buying corals from anywhere else anymore thanks again!

  35. Kirk says:

    The customer service was fantastic. March was very helpful and accommodating throughout the whole process. The The frags were brightly colored and great quality. I wouldn’t hesitate to put in another order.

  36. Quentin says:

    Can’t say enough but wicked great coral, great prices, healthiest frags I’ve received from a shipment and a great guy to talk frags and work with.

    Recommend!!!!! A++

  37. Mandy says:

    I realize I’ve already left a review, but I absolutely had to leave another. I placed an order with March and, though I was worried about shipping in the winter, the corals arrived in short order, packed brilliantly, and they all opened up within an hour or so of being in the tank. The Elegance is stunning, the torches are perfection, and he even threw in some extras.

    Seriously, if anyone reading this is hesitating about placing an order with March, don’t. I promise you won’t find better coral anywhere else, let alone for such a great price.

  38. Matt R says:

    3rd time ordering from March. Great guy, great corals, great customer service. Don’t hesitate buying from March. You wont regret it.

  39. Raff n Rox from Langley, BC says:

    Superb and fast online transaction. He’s quick to reply to your questions. Highly recommended for online buyers even from westcoast. Corals arrived healthy and opened up in less than an hour. Thanks for the freebies by the way!

  40. quentin says:

    been dealing with march for a couple orders now and just cant say anything but killer coral, great communication and fast shipping. DOAs have been replaced and cant be happier. The only guy ill deal with no matter what.

    good luck to all others and buy from here. March is a great guy to work with.

  41. Derrell says:

    I’ve bought corals twice from March; once shipped and picked up once. Each time the corals were in fantastic shape, opening up in a few hours and very vibrant colors, it is clear that he deals with top quality corals.
    Not to be out done by the products he sells, his customer service is by far some of the best I have encountered, pleasure to deal with via email and in person.
    I will continue to buy frags from him as long as I have a place to put them.
    Thanks again for making my tank look awesome!

  42. Jayme says:

    Another great order from fragbox! From customer service to customer satisfaction. The frags arrived great and even started opening in the bag while acclimating! Im a return customer and this will not be even my last visit. The tank is slowly achieving my goals!!!

  43. Jim says:

    Fragbox is the Best !!!!

    He listened to my questions, and answered them as many times as i asked.
    None of the coral I bought from Fragbox has died in my Nano, It has all thrived

  44. Henry says:

    Before I made my very first order, I had read positive reviews and knew everything would be hassle-free, including prompt customer service. I have ordered on 2 different occasions from fragbox.ca and no regrets at all. Everything I ordered arrived healthy and opened relatively quickly. If you look at the frags, especially LPS, you can tell that Fragbox does in fact wait for them to heal after fragging before shipping them out. This ensures a higher chance of survival. Totally positive experience overall.

  45. Roco says:

    March has the nicest frags I have ever seen. period. I dont buy corals locally anymore after finding this site. Selection and service are unmatched. Everything arrives perfect every time and open up right away. I know its a sure thing when I buy from him. Really knows what he is doing and can’t wait to put another order in.

  46. Bryan Kennedy says:

    Been dealing with Fragbox for the past three months and have placed multiple orders for both livestock and dry goods
    I was always skeptical about dealing online for Corals but March has made me a believer that it is possible to get what you want even if it isn’t available at your LFS.
    Really appreciate the amazing customer service I have received.
    Plan on placing more and more orders in the future 🙂

  47. Britt says:

    My BF ordered from fragbox for my bday and surprised me wit some corals! By far the nicest zoas around thanks again March!! can’t wait to order more.

  48. Faheem Malik says:

    Hi, it’s Faheem from Etobicoke. I’ve been to frag box few times. All I can say is the best place to buy your all coral needs and LEDs. On top is the service. March is a super helpful and very nice guy. Every time I have to buy reef stuff he’s always been my very first choice without any doubt. Buy with full confidence with him.

  49. John B says:

    Just got my second or maybe third order of zoas from March and within an hour everything was starting open up. Excellent communication, excellent service, and excellent product…why shop anywhere else.

  50. Stanley says:

    Fragbox/March is probably one of the best vendors I have dealt with. I have my doubts when it comes to ordering high end corals from new online vendors, however March made it very smooth, easy and even included early am delivery at no extra charge. I will not shop anywhere else after dealing with March!

  51. al statham says:

    I bought 27 frags from fragbox I got more heads then I though I was getting on most of the frags. They where packaged good with heat packs double bagged, but sadly 3 frags where not in good shape when they arrived. I emailed fragbox with pictures he was great to deal with on his warranty and will replace the frags that shipped poor if they die. Even though like already said they were packaged good and is just one of those things that happens I already have a 2nd order in with him and with a warranty that he stands behind, really nice stuff what are you waiting for

  52. Blair says:

    I had just ordered a specimen coral for our tank. March was in contact with me and scheduled a shipping date for the next week. Unfortunately there was some issues with the shipping company and it showed up over a day late. By the time it got to me it was cold and dead. I talked with March right away and he gave me a full refund even though it wasn’t his fault. Customer service is great and will be orderimg again in the future.

  53. Tamara says:

    March is a great guy to deal with! I have nothing but excellent service when dealing with him. It really is a breath of fresh air to deal with someone who knows his stuff and loves what he does.

  54. Jason says:

    Dont bother looking else where these guys have it all. Best corals, best price, best customer service. Fragbox 4 life

  55. Catherine AKA Fancy Ass Acan says:

    March is absolutely awesome to deal with! Best customer service I have had in a long, long time…from any company.
    We had a small mix-up, one frag got missed (probably because I changed my order twice), and on the next order we got free shipping & free frags. Nice ones!
    I highly recommend Frag Box! Overnight shipping (to North Vancouver, BC), nicely packaged, still warm & toasty on arrival, and everything I recieved is open & happy.
    Already gearing up for my next order :))

  56. Daryl says:

    Top Notch Service!!! I would recommend ordering corals from this website to anyone out there. Excellent customer service and very easy to deal with. Hassle and worry free 😀

    If there is an issue with anything they are more than welcome to help to make sure that your experience is painless


  57. Sam says:

    I have to say that dealing with Fragbox is a pleasure.
    The owner is easy going, down to earth and super knowledgable. Great suggestions – thanks!
    Very professional
    As for the corals, the specimens are very healthy and the selection was varied – something for everyone !
    Definitely go and visit!

  58. Nadia says:

    I found March on a forum site and was super impressed with the quality of all the corals he had in stock, especially when I realized he had more there than was in the store. Great to deal with and even put up with all my questions.

  59. Jose says:

    Purchased some dry goods, Gooseneck, WP10, heater etc, and the service was great. Very honest guy. Now that my tank is set up, I will be visiting and/or ordering online. When I was at the shop, his frag collection was beautiful, and prices are more than reasonable. Would recommend, and have recommended.

  60. Romin says:

    Hello March, thank you very much for your follow up. I’m extreeeemely pleased with the frags, the way all items were packaged and shipped, and overall, with my experience with Fragbox.
    The corals I received were in excellent shape and exactly what I’d seen on line (they even looked larger than I expected!!!)

    I will recommend Fragbox to everyone in my circle of hobbyists as a 10 out of 10 company to do business with.

    Best wishes,

  61. Omar says:

    Super A+ for the product, service and just every single thing, shipping is super, excellent packing, I can’t believe that my Torch is been in my tank for couple hours and it is doing great already, thank you very much for the free coral as well, I am setting up my big tank now and will definitely get all my corals from Fragbox

  62. Jason says:

    Just received my order today from fragbox.ca. Shipped to Saskatoon overnight and they are already opening up after 4 hours of being here (lights are only kicking on now fyi) and all I can say is wow. The corals are amazing, way beyond what I thought they’d look like based on the photos on the site. So vibrant and just look insane! I ordered a bunch of zoas as a FYI.
    Can’t say how pleased I am with the order and I’ll definitely be ordering again 😀


  63. Dave says:

    Don’t think I could be much happier. ordered 2 frag packs. All in all wicked service and beautiful corals. I live in bc on Vancouver island and got my shipment within 24 hours And within 2 hours almost all of the 13 are happy and loving it in my tank. Cant wait to order more. : ) 2 thumbs way up

  64. steven says:

    By far the best place to find the brightest and healthiest corals in Canada. March always throws a curve ball at you and when your shipment arrives you find yourself shocked and amazed at the extra bonus. Where you think that you may only get one head of a higher end zoa you may find three or a bonus freeby…. and not some cheap GSP frag but rather a nice piece that wasn’t expected. Best customer service bar none in Canada! Keep up the good work March.

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