Tunze Comline 9001 Nano Protein Skimmer – From 5.3 to 30 Gallons


Tunze 9001 Nano Protein Skimmer

The perfect nano skimmer, compact design and made in Germany!

Nano Protein Skimmer Speciation’s  

  • 5.3 to 30 Gallons
  • Skimmer Cup volume: .2 Liters
  • Air capacity: 26 GPH
  • Magnet holder for up to 3/8″ thick glass
  • Immersion depth: approx. 135mm to 155mm (5.3 to 6.1in.)
  • Power consumption: 2.5W, 230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz)

Nano Protein Skimmer Features

  • Quiet Operation
  • Bubble free outgoing water
  • Easy to remove collection cup

Sizing – Because this nano protein skimmer is used your aquarium or inside your rear all in one filter please ensure size will fit before purchasing

  • Dimensions: L110 x W63 x H215mm (L4.3 x W2.5 x H8.5 in.)