Rainbow Montipora Frag


Placement: Medium
Light: Medium-High
Flow: Medium
Care: Easy
Type: SPS (Encrusting Montipora)
Compatibility: No sting
Growth Rate: Fast
Photosynthetic: Yes
Special Care: None

One of the most colorful  of all the encrusting montipora species, the classical rainbow montipora. This coral has been in our collection more many years because its easy to grow, color and frag. It is and easy to keep montipora species. Its name is derived from its color and it can show up to 4 distinct colors making it simply unlike any other type of montipora. It is simply unmistakable.

Encursting montipora as their name suggest encrust over your rock work. They will grow over other surfaces such as glass or aquarium bottoms. We recommended placing them on rocks that are easy to move and manage in the event that in the future you would like to frag this coral it makes it much easier. It calcifies and encrusts over rock work over any other surface. Its fast growing and easy to keep it. It has no sting and does well in  medium-higher  parts of any aquarium. They do like moderate flow and need the current to keep their bodies clean. They should show off a deep rich color, if they begin to look light or pale they are getting too much light as where brown coloration usually indicated not enough light.

Purchase size – 1” Frag glued to a standard frag plug

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