Pharma Magnesium Mix for General Adjustments 1 Gallon


Ultra Pure Magnesium Additive for 2-Part Maintenance in your Reef Tank!

Maintaining proper magnesium levels helps achieve the essential balance of calcium and alkalinity in your tank by preventing excess calcium carbonate precipitation. Not all magnesium additives are created equal and the largest factor comes into the sulfate to chloride ratio in the magnesium solution. For large adjustments, you will want to use a magnesium solution that has limited amounts of sulfate to keep your reef balanced, where for daily 2-part dosing or maintenance, a larger amount of sulfate is required to keep your reef balanced.


Pre-Mixed – Makes 1 Gallon of BRS Liquid Magnesium Mix:

5 1/4 c. Magnesium Chloride : 2 c. Magnesium Sulfate

  • Ideal for weekly/monthly dosing or small adjustments
  • No residue left behind
  • Mixes fast and clear
  • Designed for easy dosing
  • Pharmaceutical grade materials used