Neptune Systems GRO Refugium Light


Neptune Systems GRO Refugium Light

The all new Neptune Systems GRO light is here ! This is a dimmable 20W LED light built to grow macroalgaes in your refugium. The spectrum of light has been designed to maximize photosynthesis so that your macro algae will grow as fast as possible. There are 2 mounting options

Flat Bracket Mount: clamps to a flat edge of glass like the edge of your sump

Pipe Mount : This simple bracket clamps to a section of your hard plumbing  (standard 3/4″ to 1″ PVC pipe).

GRO Refugium Features

  • Compact and efficient light output
  • 84 LEDs, optimum growth spectrum
  • Large surface with even distribution
  • IP64 Water resistant design
  • Can operate standalone with option power supply
  • Includes either the gooseneck or  pipe clamp mount