Major Lazer Frag


(Acropora Sarmentosa)

Placement: High
Light: High
Flow: High
Care: Intermediate
Type: SPS (Branching Acropora)
Compatibility: Can not touch other corals
Growth Rate: Slow
Photosynthetic: Yes
Special Care: SPS Care

One of the most unusual and unique acropora species, saramnetosa. The acropora sarmentosa can take more light than almost any other acro species, its very hard to bleach this coral!  This is great because you can confidnetly place this piece at the hieght of your rock work under intense lighting where other corals would not thrive. They always come in the same color, vibrant green base, burgundy flowing polyps and they can get a unique orange/pink burnt tips as they grow out.

This coral does not grow terribly fast, but faster than most acropora species. We recommended placing them as high as you can under strong flow. This coral calcifies to create its body and prefers lower aquarium nutrients like most sps corals, we recommend nitrate of above or lower than 5pm and phosphates of about or lower than 0.05. Calcium , magnesium and alkalinity should be maintained close to natural sea water for best results. Calcium 450, Magnesium 1400, Alkalinity 8.0-9.0 and Salinity 1.026.

Purchase size – 3/4”-1” Frag glued to a standard frag plug

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