Hikari Frozen Brine Shrimp Cubes – 3.5 oz *Pick Up Only*


Frozen Brine Shrimp – Cubes – 3.5 oz *PICK UP ONLY – SADLY WE CAN NOT SHIP THIS PRODUCT*

Hikari’s frozen Brine Shrimp retain their natural shape and color, making them irresistible to fish. Hikari’s unique 3 Step Sterilization process assures unequalled product quality and a food free of parasites, harmful bacteria and foul odor. Bio-Pure diets are packed in pure water and will not foul the aquarium. Bio-Pure frozen foods are Bio-Encapsulated with Multi-Vitamins similar to gut loading, providing maximum nutrition for your fish.

3 Step Sterilized
Free of harmful bacteria
Free of harmful parasites
Free of foul odors
Bio-Encapsulated With Multi-Vitamins
Guarantees your fish gets the vitamins
Provides maximum nutrition for your fish
Retains nutritional benefits