Zanzibar Shrimp *rare*


Devaney’s Coral Shrimp (Stenopus devaneyi).
These dwarf boxing shrimp are peaceful and grow to only 2” or so. Some other Stenopus species such as the more commonly seen Boxing shrimp/Banded coral shrimp are well renowned fish eaters that are docile as juveniles and then turn into sly, crafty, and powerful predators as they get larger. Fortunately you don’t get those problems with this rarer dwarf species.

Up to 2”.

May attack very tiny inhabitants such as small Trimma gobies or Sexy shrimp. Safe with anything bigger than 1”. Safe with all corals, and all inverts except very small shrimp species (eg Sexy shrimp). Small inverts such as these may be eaten by some fish such as Triggers, Puffers, etc.