Blue Leg Pistol Shrimp


Blue Legged Pistol Shrimp                                                                                                     (Alpheus formosus)

The Blue Legged Pistol Shrimp is an omnivorous tunneler that is constantly working on a cave system throughout your tank. They are excellent sand turning inverts that help remove bound organic waste from polluting the water column.They create a noise with their pincers that can easily be confused with a mantis shrimp. However, they pose no threat to your glass and tank inhabitants. These shrimp will pair up with different cave gobies creating a bennificial symbiotic relationship. The poor sighted pistol shrimp is warned, by the better sighted goby, if there are predators nearbyand in return, it shares its food with the goby.


Care   Temperament Diet  
Easy Peaceful Omnivore

Max Size Conditions Population
3″ Reef Tank 1/20 Gallons


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