Abyzz A200 IPU Controllable DC Pump (3,800 GPH)


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Now Includes an IP65 Rated, Splash-Proof Controller

Perfect for large saltwater aquariums, ponds, water features, creeks, freshwater aquariums, or any other project that requires a powerful water pump. Abyzz Controllable DC Pumps are known for their reliability and performance. Upgrading from the standard A-series, the IPU-series includes an IP65-Rated controller housing that is splash-proof and ideal for the harsh conditions that may be required. The A200 IPU Pump can be used internally in the water or externally allowing it to meet the needs of your aquarium and with a maximum head height of 28.8 feet, Abyzz pumps are ideal for basement sumps that need to push up a story to a display aquarium, or large waterfall features.

  • Super Silent and Energy Efficient
  • Internal or External Applications
  • BOOSTMODE increases flow by 700 GPH
  • Fully Controllable with Digital Display
  • Driver Heatsink is Optimized for the Pump
  • Integrated Pre-Programmed Flow Modes
  • Rotatable Volute & Removable Base
  • Water Resistant Cable Connections
  • Ideal for Commercial Applications
  • 10-Year Warranty


Two Models Available:

  • A200 IPU Controllable Pump with 3 Meter Cord
  • A200 IPU Controllable Pump with 10 Meter Cord

Note: Cord length is the distance from the pump to the controller